101 facts: 1 Twenty-two years experience in the field 2 South Africa, Australia, UK, Canada, USA 3 Winner of numerous new business pitches 4 Extensive network of Canadian photographers and illustrators 5 Guaranteed to increase sales revenue, higher circulation figures and readership 6 Studio and location shoots; fashion, food, beauty, motoring, lifestyle 7 Hands-on design and art direction of launch magazines and catalogues 8 Strong skill-building of team members 9 Budget management from concept to print 10 Award-winning experience 11 Always meets the deadline 12 Plays well with others 13 email lisa@lisadenikolits.com 14 Can deliver from half a brief, even less budget and no time 15 Created a 34 page magazine from zero to print in four days 16 Love what I do 17 Can find a white-egg omelette in a desert for a photographer 18 Excellent with promotions 19 Juggles digital and multi media 20 Have gone from rubylith to RGB 21 Collaboration equals creativity 22 Always deliver to the brief 23 Am calm and organized in a crisis 24 Excellent with press checks 25 Stylist for fashion and décor 26 Have worked on every genre of publication 27 InDesign expert 28 Photoshop expert 29 Always learning new skills and talents 30 Perfectionist attention to detail 31 Excellence sense of humour 32 Guaranteed to increase brand recognition 33 Indepth knowledge of model agencies 34 Network of make-up artists 35 DGS system knowledge 36 Excellent people-managing skills 37 find me on facebook 38 Shoots are smooth running and well-prepared 39 Am fearless in the face of hard work 40 The magazine is my client 41 Art-directed beauty shoots for 40th Anniversary of Vogue Australia 42 Shot Four Ways with a Tuna Casserole for Kraft 43 Negotiate rates with stock libraries 44 Travel anywhere for a shoot 45 International magazine experience 46 Trade magazine art direction 47 Excellent advertorials 48 Embrace creative collaborations with entire team 49 Advertorials, concepts, gatefolds, polybags all part of portfolio 50 Have been nominated for and have won awards 51 Generate concepts for shoots 52 Successful cover shoots of all genres 53 Generate logos and magazine branding typography 54 Can find snow in summer for a shoot 55 Design and art direction is all I have ever wanted to do 56 Am magically fast on a Mac 57 Write great briefs 58 Enjoy excellent relationships with photographers 59 find me on linkedin 60 There isn’t a design job I cannot get excited about 61 My paperwork is always perfect 62 Budgets are always balanced 63 Am an excellent communicator 64 Am a good mentor 65 Am a good team leader 66 Am a good team player 67 Unite sales, art, editorial, copywriters, DGS 68 Develop individual’s unique talents 69 Am an excellent time manager 70 Am a superb list-maker 71 Good note-taker 72 Make sure I understand what is wanted at the outset 73 I listen 74 Enjoy creative brainstorming sessions 75 Always produce top quality 76 Love working with DGS to ensure final product shines 77 Work well with printers for great colours 78 Have detailed knowledge of photographic techniques 79 Understand different kinds of paper 80 Get the bigger picture 81 Always have one foot in the sales mentality 82 Have done my job all around the world 83 Nothing scares me 84 Everything excites me 85 It’s all only about making the magazine look good 86 I understand, study and love Canada 87 Excellent presentation and communication skills 88 Love learning, am quick to learn 89 Enjoy people, everyone is interesting and creative 90 Am a good teacher 91 My enthusiasm is unflagging 92 Energy levels are high 93 Everything in life deserves to be well-designed 94 Have headed up many happy, successful teams 95 Vast network of all kinds of creative people 96 Explore all creative conceptual options 97 Keep up-to-date on all creative trends 98 Ensure everybody is well looked after; good team caretaker 99 Keep an eye on every aspect of every page 100 Enjoy excellent relationships with illustrators 101 Email me for a resume or let’s meet and I can show you my book.


Photography by Bradford Dunlop: www.dunlopphotography.com, www.bradforddunlop.com
Beauty Product Photography:Paul Weeks: www.paulweeksphoto.com
Website: www.popalongdesign.com